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I just returned from Sacramento, California where I was working with Melchizedek Church. A very powerful time at each and every service, meeting, and event. I had the privilege of meeting each day with some young men who are being discipled by the pastor and who are also discipling others their own age. They are very actively involved in the life of the local church. One was the young person assigned to drive me from place-to-place. They were all excited about the Kingdom, the King, and the Church. They were hungry to learn more and to hear about what God is doing in the nations of the world. They were, of course, also wanting to receive a prophetic word and God did not disappoint.

The church has a powerful youth service on Sunday nights. Great worship with powerful lighting, “smoke,” backdrops, and terrific music that the young people can relate to. It was an amazing experience for everyone, including those, like me, who are not part of the youth. You just needed to be young-at-heart. Again, they sat, listened, participated, and responded to the teachings and the prophetic ministry. They were so excited to be taught and ministered to. Before and after each event they wanted to talk and ask questions. They were hungry to learn, to grow, to become more mature and knowledgable in the things of God. 

These young people are involved in all aspects of the local church. They are witnessing to their friends and inviting them to their small groups as well as to the regular weekly services. At each and every event we had visitors and always there were a few who did not know Jesus. The youth are serving in all aspects of the life of the church and not just in the youth ministry. They are powerfully involved and committed to the vision of the local leaders and the church. And, they tithe, give, and make special offerings.

This is my experience in many of the nations that I travel to. Young people on fire for God and working to expand His Kingdom. Young men and women hungry to know their place in the Kingdom and in the Church; wanting to know what God has called them to accomplish for Him in their neighbourhoods and in the world. God is moving mightily among the youth, raising them up to be a force to be reckoned with. They are excited, enthusiastic, and anticipating that God will touch their world through them. It is “electric” just to be around them. I have discovered young people like this in every church in almost every nation where I minister. The future is bright and the Holy Spirit is powerfully touching young lives who are seeking to have more of God and know more about Him. 

I am very optimistic about God’s Kingdom. Whether it is house churches in Kazakhstan, established churches in Russia, underground churches in a number of nations, decent size churches in America, or simple small groups of believers meeting together to learn and pray … God’s Holy Spirit is moving and touching lives and the young people are responding and becoming strong and powerful ‘labourers in the harvest field’ as well as trained and equipped disciples of the Lord. 

I am honoured to be a part of this powerful move of God’s Spirit. I am, at least, young-at-heart.



For 2015 the Lord has directed Ralph and his apostolic ministry to take a young man who has an apostolic calling on his life with him on each of his ministry trips.


As an apostle Ralph mentors, trains, and equips a number of young men who have a calling upon their lives to be an apostle. They live in a number of countries including Canada, the United States of America, Russia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. This year, as part of their training, he will be inviting one or two of these young men on each of his trips as he ministers in the various countries.


At the present time he has a young apostle from the city of Marion, Ohio travelling with him at the end of February to minister in Armenia and one other nation yet to be determined. At the end of March a young leader from Butler, Ohio will be travelling with him to Russia to minister for two weeks. In September an apostle-in-training from Saskatchewan, Canada will be travelling to a number of cities in Russia with him.


The profiles of these young men are posted on the web site (click here to view ). 


As Ralph arranges with other young men he mentors to join him on one of his 10 out-of-country trips in 2015 their profiles will be posted so that, should the Holy Spirit lead you, you could be praying for them.


Ralph will also be inviting several of these young men from overseas to join him in Canada for a more intense mentoring opportunity. They will be living with him in his home and travelling with him locally as he ministers and plants a new church. 


Your prayers for Ralph and this new aspect of his calling in 2015 and beyond would be greatly appreciated.



Ralph has been asked to be one of the teachers at a new school of ministry being opened by The Upper Room in Cardington, Ohio. Launch Point is for all those who are serious about being a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and are desiring to be a part what God is doing in the nations today. 


A missional discipleship school where students attend classes on several nights a week and receive top quality teachings from the local church leaders and others ‘visiting teachers’ as they are available. They then apply what they are learning during the next week so as to be equipped and trained for ministry here and overseas.


Ralph first teaching sessions will be in early February, 2015.


Ralph has recently returned from a 16 day apostolic trip into the nation of Russia. He left Canada on the 15th of October and returning late on the 31st. Russia is a wonderful country where many are hearing the Gospel and becoming believers. During his time there he ministered in four different cities in several regions of this very large nation.


He flew into Moscow which is a city of 20 million people and literally has four very large international airports. He ministered for three full days in the city of Moscow in Bethel Church - a very active and alive church planted by Armenians living in the city. Of course, they welcome everyone regardless of their nationality but there is a sizeable group of young Armenians in this growing, dynamic church. Ralph also spent a day in a company owned by an Armenia Christian. (Picture: The Kremlin and Red Square)

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Our first annual "International School of Apostles and Prophets" will be held in Butler, Ohio (an hour from Ohio's capital city of Columbus).  A joint project of Ralph Howe Ministries and Apostle Bill Lewis, the school will be a 10 day event held from October 2nd to the 12, 2015. The school will be using the facilities of The River of Life Church. 

With students and their mentors already planning to attend - from Madagascar, Armenia, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, United States, and Uzbekistan it is promising to be a very powerful equipping school where teachings and practical hands-on experience come together to train and equip young apostles and prophets in areas they will need to be proficient and effective if they are to fulfil God's call upon their lives.

As well, it is the hope of those involved in the planning that the International School will allow many young people to begin networking with others who share a similar call from God so that there can be the beginning of a worldwide networking of apostles and prophets as the Kingdom moves forward planting the Gospel of the Kingdom where it has never been preached. 


Watch for more details and information on how you can become involved in this Kingdom project coming soon...



This building is the future home of a school for apostles and prophets who are called by God into these two foundational ministries. Located in the city of Mt. Ararat, Armenia the building is currently undergoing major renovations. Our current project is to replace all the windows and doors getting it winterized so that work can continue in the winter season on the interior.

Ralph Howe Ministries is actively involved in this project and has been since it was first discussed in the spring of 2013. Ralph is working with Pastor Samvel Kharatyan who is also an apostle-in-training and who is heading up this project. Ralph along with Pastor Bill Lewis of Ohio are working on the courses that will need to be taught. Once the courses have been decided on then the work of writing the material will begin. Ralph and Bill will be joined by others who have expressed an interest in this project (from France, Russia, United States and Africa) in the process of writing the content of some of the courses that will need to be taught. We are hoping to have our first student body actively involved in their studies and being equipped for their ministries by the fall of 2015.

Ralph will be in Mt. Ararat in March of 2015 to work alongside Pastor Samvel for a week as the project continues to be defined and outlined. 

Your prayers and financial support fr this project would be greatly appreciated.  


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Ralph updates his on-line calendar frequently. You can follow what God is doing and know what to pray by checking where Ralph is ministering each day. Ralph also provides a small write-up on the pending trips to assist you in praying. You can find his calendar by clicking here and the ministry trip write-ups by clicking here .


Do you have any feedback? Is there something you would like to see on our website? Would you like Ralph to minister in your church/city? Do you have questions on a specific topic that Ralph might have a resource available to you? Do you have a testimony to share from when Ralph ministered to or taught you? Please write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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If you haven't already heard via Facebook, Ralph is now on KIK. This social 'chat' network is another way to stay connected. A number of people (including most of the teens) at The Sanctuary are also using this app. It is a great way to stay in touch! If you are using it and want to add us let Elizabeth know!

Please be in prayer for Ralph and the lives he is touching for the Kingdom of God! 


Ralph Howe Ministries Needs Partners Like You!

Ralph Howe Ministries has several sources of income to help finance the apostolic ministry the Lord has called us to accomplish. When Ralph teaches on a Sunday and when he holds seminars and weekends - everything that is earned through these ministries goes straight into the ministry to pay administrative costs and recurring costs of the ministry (phone, office, web site...) Secondly, we have a small number of people who give regularly to the work of this ministry. Again, all of this money goes directly into the ministry. Thirdly, we have two or three churches that, from their monthly budgets, regularly support the work of the ministry here. Ralph earns his living separate from the work he does for Ralph Howe Ministries and donates his time to the work here at this rapidly growing ministry.

If you would like to become a partner (prayer and/or financial) please let us know by clicking on the "Partners" tab on the top menu bar of our main web page ( and then follow the links to both prayer and financial partners. You can donate on line or by mail. Corporate sponsors for some of our projects would be greatly appreciated.

More about Ralph Howe Ministries 

Ralph ministers and mentors under the calling and anointing of Apostle, throughout much of the globe, bringing foundational truths to life and setting leadership in place prophetically that will change the way your organization functions.

If you would like to meet Ralph and become familiar with his spirit-filled and anointed ministry why not invite him to speak at your next church event!

Ralph is available to speak in churches and organizations, bringing the anointed word of the Lord, and setting things in order. For more information or to chat with Ralph about ministering in your area, simply click here .

For Further information about Ralph Howe Ministries or to invite Ralph to minister in you local church, network or area - please contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by mobile at 306-536-9574.



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